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We have achieved superior results and applause and have contributed to bring a change in the face of facility management with uniqueness where quality and sustainability is added with it. Our experience lies in the following fields,
Production/Manufacturing   +
We had been thriving on the production and manufacturing industry
Hotel/Resorts   +
Our signature was always strong and precise in the hotel and Resorts industry.
Information Technology   +
We have a group of smarter, result oriented IT technicians and experts to beat any challenge .
Aviation   +
The fastest growing industry in the world witnessed our skill and expertise as we entered aviation industry.
Construction   +
Construction is one of the key points in our growth. It is one of the oldest areas we tried our hands on.
Oil & Gas   +
It is one of the richest industries in the world and what matters is experience and skills.
Ship/Cruse/Logistics   +
The world of luxury in the sea, shipping, welcomed SFM with greater expectations .